Alzheimers NZ

Alzheimers NZ

Alzheimers NZ represents people living with dementia at a national level by raising awareness of dementia, providing information and resources, advocating for high quality services, and promoting research about prevention, treatment, cure and care.

We support local Alzheimers NZ organisations throughout New Zealand.

Increased accessibility improves life for everyone; it particularly makes life easier for people who are affected by dementia, whether they have the condition or are caring for someone with the condition.

Our organisation's mission is to create a dementia-friendly Aotearoa New Zealand. Our staff and Advisory Group of people affected by dementia work hard to ensure our organisation is as dementia-friendly as possible; for example our accessible workplace, use of size 14 fonts in our publications, and having dementia-friendly events.

Alzheimers NZ represents people affected by dementia at a national level by raising awareness, providing information, advocacy and promoting research