Baby and Bus - Margaret's Story

My little guy is now 21 months old and, for the first time, a change of bus services in Wellington means we might be able to go out together under our own steam!

The older buses would kneel down to the curb on request but had no room for a pram inside, and so you were required to fold the pram up.

I have a disability which involves chronic pain and fatigue (among other things) and I knew there was no way I could manage taking my baby boy out, folding up the pram, unfolding it again, and so on. Now there’s room on the new buses and we’re allowed to leave the pram unfolded with him in it!

I’m really excited about the possibility of us going out together. Having a new baby can be isolating, but it’s extra isolating when you have a disability, can’t drive and public transport is not accessible.


An accessibility act could make sure that all buses in New Zealand are accessible, with plenty of room for prams, wheelchairs and other mobility aids.


This is my access story, it is one of many. I'm sharing it because I want a law that puts accessibility at the heart of an inclusive Aotearoa New Zealand.

What's your story?

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