The Cookie Project

The Cookie Project

The Cookie Project is a social enterprise that provides paid work experience to people with disabilities to bake cookies. According to Stats NZ, 1 in 4 Kiwis are disabled, and the employment rate for disabled people is only 22% compared to 70% for those who are non-disabled.

Our purpose is to provide fair, meaningful and fun employment to disabled youth and adults so that they feel accepted, included and valued.

We support the Access Matters campaign in leading the way and showing others that this is the right thing to do; and that it's time the voice of the disability community is represented in the diversity and inclusion conversation.

We are making our workplace more accessible for people with disabilities by:

1. Going through the Accessibility Tick self-evaluation tool to identify gaps and develop plans to address them.

2. Creating an inclusive workplace that isn't bound by old ways and old paradigms:

Fun - we provide healthy snacks with unlimited and untimed breaks;

Fair - we pay the minimum wage in line with government standards;

Meaningful - we make quality cookies that are in high demand, with acquired skills that will open other employment pathways beyond The Cookie Project.

3. We invite accessibility subject matter experts to visit our site every 6 months to provide constructive feedback for continuous improvement.

We employ disabled youth and adults to make the best butter cookies.