Making South Auckland More Accessible for Wheelchair Users

Listen to RNZ's Jessie Mulligan speak with wheelchair-user Brooke Haverkort and buddy/carer Odette Jennings who conducted an informal survey of wheelchair accessibility in South Auckland.

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Disability Convention: How is New Zealand Doing?

An online forum will be held next week to find out about how the government is progressing on implementing the United Nations Convention of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (the Disability Convention).

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Is the Government's Covid Response Meeting Basic Human Rights of People with Disabilities?

Listen to RNZ's Kathryn Ryan speak with Bernadette Ingham who has a lived disability, her husband uses a wheelchair and she is extremely frustrated that the needs of disabled people are not being addressed in the pandemic response.

Ms Ryan also interviews Disabled Persons Assembly Chief Executive Prudence Walker, NZ Disability Support Network Chief Executive Peter Reynolds and Marsha Marshall, CEO of Manawanui.

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Formally: Helping to Make Accessible, Inclusive Forms the Norm

Almost everyone engages with online forms these days. Whether it’s accessing services, ordering food online, or logging into social media. They’re essential, they’re everywhere, and yet they don’t work for everyone.

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Research Participation: Experiences of Disabled People in Accessing Health Care During COVID-19 Pandemic

Disabled people and their parents/whānau are invited to participate in a research project looking at their experiences in accessing health care during the pandemic.

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Christmas Wish List

1. A legislative framework that removes and prevents access barriers

2. A barrier notification system

3. Accessibility Standards

4. An independent regulator

and an accessible new year!


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Accessibility in Aotearoa: the Journey Ahead - Panel Discussion

How accessible is our society right now?

What will it take to remove barriers?

How does the Government’s proposed legislation measure up?

What are the Access Alliance's 13 Principles?

What do you need from allies?

These questions and more addressed by:

  • Chrissie Cowan (CEO of Kāpō Māori NZ, Chair of Access Alliance)
  • Disability Rights Commissioner Paula Tesoriero MNZM
  • Nathan Bond (President of Disabled Persons Assembly),
  • Jan Logie MP
  • Amy Hogan (Researcher and Writer at Cerebral Palsy NZ, Access Alliance member).

Video includes NZSL interpreting.

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Back to the Future! IDPwD Webinar Video

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POPPY - Art Imitates Nature in this Heartfelt Homegrown Story

POPPY is a heartfelt social justice drama; the story of a spirited young woman with a disability and a dream to have a life like anyone else, to live independently, become an apprentice, and have a boyfriend and who - after much strategizing - manages to exceed even her own goals.

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Why Couldn’t You Have Been Ready a Year Ago?

“Why couldn’t you have been ready a year ago?”

It’s the question we’re asked most often by people who helped co-design Skillet and by those who’ve since created their free accounts.

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