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Welcome to the voting site for the Social Inclusion & Leisure 'area of life' category, for the 2021 People's Choice Accessible Business Awards.

Use the voting form at the bottom of this page to select the Social Inclusion & Leisure provider of your choice from the list of nominees that follow.

Please note:

  • You can only vote for ONE Social Inclusion & Leisure provider.
  • Social Inclusion & Leisure 'area of life' category finalist votes must be cast between 30 March to 4 April in order to be eligible.
  • The three Social Inclusion & Leisure providers receiving the highest number of votes will progress as finalists to the final voting round during the week 7 – 13 June.
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And the Social Inclusion & Leisure provider nominees are:

1. dsport

"dsport (previously known as Parafed Wellington) has been providing sport and recreation services in the Greater Wellington region for over 50 years. As a small not-for-profit organisation they are actively working to break down barriers to participation. Disabled peoples' participation rates in sport and active recreation are lower than able-bodied, but through dsport the members are able to experience a range of different opportunities in a safe and fun environment ... dsport is underpinned by the principles of inspire, enable, achieve ... No pity, no excuses needed, just joy, pride and love ... Quite literally, dsport punches above its weight."


2. Festival One Ltd - Soul Lounge

"Festival One is a family-friendly music festival held over Auckland Anniversary Weekend. At Festival One there is a place called the Soul Lounge. The Soul Lounge is a place where people with access needs can receive the help, care and support that they need while enjoying an amazing fun-filled weekend!"

"The [Festival One - Soul Lounge] community is super-inclusive and open to suggestions about how it can be improved. The crew are always ready to help and make things easier for families who have children with access needs."


3. Swim-Able NZ Charitable Trust

"Maxine [at Swim-Able NZ] has worked with my daughter who has cerebral palsy and does all she can to make it possible for her to access the pool's changing areas etc. [Maxine] also organizes triathlons, lake swims and the huka swim and other events to be entered by people with disabilities possible. She puts in a lot of time and effort into what she loves. My daughter did the Huka swim and loved it, something I thought would never even be possible but Maxine made it happen."


4. EyeFilms Productions

"EyeFilms provide accessible videos in Sign Language to filming projects so information is translated into NZSL video format. This service means more information about many different and important topics is available for the Deaf community, who are underserviced by mainstream media."


5. NextStep New Zealand

"NextStep New Zealand is a fully-accessible gym that offers world-class rehabilitation and is inclusive of everyone. Ever since I started coming to next step I have felt included and a part of the family there. They make everyone feel welcome and make you feel as though your goals are achievable and important - no matter your limitations."

"As a person with a physical impairment, and who has attended the gym for a number of years, I know the gym has played a significant part in my retained mobility. The same happens for most NextStep clients."


6. Inclusive Aotearoa Collective Tāhono

"In 2020, Inclusive Aotearoa Collective Tāhono began a three-year project to create a strategy around “how to create a sense of belonging and a more inclusive society in Aotearoa”. As they began the work of developing their new website to communicate the project results, they ensured that access issues were considered from the start ... During the research phase of the project, Inclusive Aotearoa travelled to 46 towns and cities to have conversations around belonging. They considered accessibility needs during the planning and delivery of these hui, as well as in their digital materials and website development. [This included accessible venues, language, communications, technology and accessible meetings, both in-person and online.]"


7. Platform Interpreting New Zealand 

"Platform Interpreting NZ provides accessibility to the arts for the New Zealand Deaf community. They go the extra mile in finding the right interpreter to make a show or exhibition accessible to Deaf audiences, and are committed to opening the arts world to the Deaf community. They work with Deaf consultants so the authentic voice of Deaf people is part of the process from the selection of shows and arts installations, through to delivery."


8. He Owha Matarua: The Hauntology of Inheritance

"Part of the Auckland Arts Festival [and in collaboration with Touch Compass] - they described it thus "STROLL – verb. A combination of step and roll, the perfect description for this meditative moment within a rare piece of Auckland’s beautiful western forest-filled park near Piha that is accessible to steppers and rollers alike. Join performance artists Suzanne Cowan and Rodney Bell on a journey of whakapapa, history, colonisation, birds, trees and insects, while asking the question: how can we honour our desire to access the forest and be an active part of the ecology that surrounds us?"

"It was an excellent event - inclusive, welcoming, neurodiverse friendly, there was a range of diverse attendees, including slower people / people experiencing pain and needing to stop frequently. The performers and organisers held us as a group with attention and care, and created a respectful inclusive space. Some really interesting topics were covered in compassionate and kind ways, and the performers modelled having different positions and thoughts while wanting to contribute to a shared experience. It was great."


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