The Door is Too Heavy - Donna’s Story

I use a wheelchair for mobility but find it difficult to enter buildings and shops due to heavy doors.

When the doors are not self-opening I have to catch the attention of staff so I can enter and exit shops. Often they ignore or fail to see me which leaves me stranded.

The petrol station and chemist I use have doors that are so heavy able bodied members of the public struggle to open them. They are inaccessible to the disabled, elderly and young. Outward opening doors are dangerous and catch people unawares, particularly the blind and visually impaired.


I believe accessibility legislation and the introduction of universal design would make it compulsory for all shops and buildings to install doors which are light, easily opened and can be used by all members of the public. 


This is my access story, it is one of many. I'm sharing it because I want a law that puts accessibility at the heart of an inclusive Aotearoa New Zealand.

What's your story?

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