Trade Me

Trade Me

We're building a new version of Trade Me for the web, and we're building it for everybody.

Over the last few years, we've been making positive changes with how we think and talk about accessibility and this includes the way we design, build and test for web accessibility as we build . We're proud to be able to add our name to the list of business champions for accessibility.

Here are some things we've actioned recently:

  • We're using our custom design system Tangram to help enable teams to use common patterns, and we're committed to focus on accessibility and inclusive design as we create these shared patterns. This means we can help our teams to build accessible forms by building best practices into commonly used form inputs and using these instead of starting from scratch each time
  • We've looked at form validation and how we can improve this experience for everyone.
  • We're working with our teams regularly to promote and support regular discussions around accessibility at all stages. This means we're getting better at identifying potential barriers earlier on in the process so we can avoid creating them in the first place.
  • Skip links are in place to help keyboard users access areas of the page more easily.
  • Focus states are more prominent when using the keyboard to help people find their way.
  • Landmarks are in place for easier navigation via assistive technologies such as screen readers.
  • We've been working with external partners such as Access Advisors to help us identify issues in production and at the design stage to capture issues early. There is a lot more potential for this over time.
  • Internal education via workshops and talks are run regularly and are also available to teams upon request.
  • We've set up a dedicated accessibility internal communications channel which has a good amount of weekly activity. People can ask questions and help each other out here.
  • Our mobile teams are also part of this work and continuing to make improvements to our mobile apps.
  • Our UX team has started user testing and research with interviews focussed on users who identify as living with a disability. We're hoping to continue this over time so get in touch if you'd like to be involved in helping us on our journey.

All of these things have begun and will continue to improve over time as we progress with this cultural change. We acknowledge we haven't been great at this in the past and apologise to anyone who has felt excluded by us. We're looking forward to making Trade Me more accessible to everyone and we've already made positive changes to help us achieve this. We welcome your input and feedback on how we can continue to improve over time.

We believe accessibility, diversity, and inclusion are at the heart of a thriving country, and at the heart of thriving businesses, too. We believe everyone should be able to fully participate in society, have the opportunity to learn, to get a job, to access goods, services, events and facilities, and to take part in community and social life.

We’re backing a more inclusive and accessible Aotearoa New Zealand.