What is Your Experience of Life with a Disability?

Stuff wants to hear about your experience of disability.

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ASSIGNMENT: The world is not designed for disabled people. With that comes physical and attitudinal barriers - such as not being able to watch a movie if there aren't any captions, or not being able to go to the toilet if there is no wheelchair accessible restroom at a restaurant. 

How could the world be more inclusive and accessible for you? 

We want to hear your story about living with a disability; whether you live with a disability yourself, or have a family with a disability.

What is the biggest misconception about living with a disability?

What are some of the most outrageous questions people ask you?

What's it like parenting a child with a disability? 

We're looking for submissions of 300 words or more to be published in Stuff Nation. To share your story and photos, hit the contribute button. App users: email [email protected]

If you want to listen to other stories about people with disabilities, listen to Stuff's podcast What's Wrong With You?, which is supported by NZ On Air. In the seven-part series, Stuff digital producer Olivia Shivas, Paralympian Rebecca Dubber and guests tackle the big questions about life with a disability. 

They discuss sex, religion, mobility carparks - and how to fend off outrageous questions. You can listen to it here

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