Amy Hogan, Why we need a Regulator

Amy Hogan, Co-chair of Access Matters Aotearoa, is here to guide you in addressing your local MP about the pressing need for robust accessibility legislation in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Ever encountered an Access Barrier? Wondering who's accountable for rectifying it and what the timeline for fixing it is? Who ensures that corrective action is taken?

Access Matters strongly advocates for the inclusion of a Regulator in accessibility legislation.

A Regulator is an organisation responsible for overseeing adherence to the laws. In the context of the Accessibility for New Zealanders Bill, this entity would be an independent body vested with the duty to enforce accessibility standards.

A Regulator’s role can encompass auditing, inspecting and assessing organisations to ensure their products, services and environments are accessible to individuals with disabilities.

Share with your MP why accessibility holds immense significance and why a Regulator is a critical aspect.

Let's work together to make Aotearoa New Zealand more inclusive!