File an access barrier 'incident report'!

The 'Accessibility for New Zealanders Bill' has been put on hold by the Government, but we will be pushing hard to get this important legislation back on the agenda. 

We want to collect information about the access barriers you encounter in your everyday life, to demonstrate why robust legislation is the only way to create the inclusive Aotearoa New Zealand we all want and need.


What are the access barriers you experience?

Write them down, take a photo or video, or tell us about them in an audio or video recording. If you require any assistance in sharing your story please email [email protected]. NZSL video is welcome.

Let’s show Aotearoa New Zealand why Access Matters for all!

The Access Denied Diaries will be presented to Members of Parliament to show the types of barriers you face every day. This will help us prove why we need a simple and easy-to-use system to report and fix access barriers. This system must be included in the new access law.

To help all Kiwis understand why Access Matters, we also want to share your experiences on the Access Matters website and social media channels.


Use the form below to add your experience to the Access Denied Diaries.

You can upload as many Access Denied Diary entries as you like. Please share with your friends, whānau and anyone you think is interested in creating a fairer and more inclusive Aotearoa New Zealand: FacebookTwitterLinkedin.

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