Campaigner's Bootcamp Sun 16 April 2023

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When you meet with your MP, try to discuss the following points:

  1. Share your story about why removing access barriers matters to you.
  2. Explain why the Accessibility for New Zealanders Bill needs these four ingredients:
  • enforceable accessibility standards;
  • the establishment of an independent regulator;
  • a barrier notification system; and
  • a disputes resolution process.
  1. Ask your MP to speak with their political party colleagues about strengthening the Accessibility for New Zealanders Bill.
  2. Recommend that strengthening the Bill should be a policy commitment in their party’s pre-election manifesto.
  3. Tell your MP you will contact their office again in two weeks time, to find out how they got on with these requests.

Remember, 2023 is an election year! So your voice and your vote really matters.

Here are some handy online resources:

Remember to speak from your heart. Ask for a Bill with teeth. And be sure to request a photo with your local MP.

Upload your photo to social media and make sure to tag the Access Matters Campaign handles ( @AccessForAllNZ #AccessMattersNZ #AccessLawRightNow #MakeAccessibilityRealNZ #AccessibilityForNewZealandersBill ) and also your local MP’s profile.

Don’t have social media? Just contact the Access Matters Campaign Team and we can help share your photos and news online for you.

We suggest you connect with other Campaigners who live in the same electorate as you, and go together to meet with your local MP, so that you can support one another.

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