Sign the Petition* to Draft a New 'Accessibility for New Zealanders' Bill


The New Zealand National Party view in the 53rd Parliament's Social Services and Community Select Committee's Report on the Accessibility for New Zealanders Bill states that the Bill is "fundamentally flawed and [the New Zealand National Party] will therefore not be supporting the bill". The National Party recommended "the bill be withdrawn, and a new bill drafted that aligns more closely with the expectations of the disability sector as expressed in the majority of submissions".

It's time for the disability community, and all people with access needs, to come together and ask the National Party to follow through on their recommendation.

Let's advocate for a more inclusive and accessible Aotearoa New Zealand.

Sign our petition* to urge the National-led Government to withdraw the existing Accessibility for New Zealanders Bill, and draft a new bill that aligns more closely with the expectations of the disability sector.

Access Matters campaigners with signs and balloon flowers at Parliament grounds

* Please note: our petition is hosted by After signing, may request donations and/or ask you to sign other unrelated petitions. Access Matters Aotearoa does not receive any funds from and does not necessarily endorse other petitions. If you have any concerns please contact the Helpdesk.

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