Breaking News! Labour and National Commit to Accessibility Legislation

On the eve of the election, we have great news! The Labour and National Parties released their Disability Issues policies on Wednesday. Both policies include a prominent commitment to accessibility legislation.

Thank you to our 7000 supporters for the part they have played in helping us reach another milestone on our journey towards a fairer and more accessible Aotearoa New Zealand!

National Party:

“Continue to support the introduction of accessibility legislation through Parliament with our ongoing commitment to the cross-party group, Parliamentary Champions of Accessibility Legislation”

See more in the National Party’s Disability Issues Policy 

Labour Party:

“Labour will introduce an Accessibility for New Zealanders Act to help New Zealand to become more welcoming and accessible for disabled people and other New Zealanders with accessibility needs.”

See more on page 25 of the Labour Party’s 2020 Manifesto  

We have collectively made great gains, and we can take a moment to celebrate. We still have more to do to make sure the legal framework for accessibility is high on the list of priorities for our incoming government.

We are sure you’ll agree 2020 has taught us all to expect the unexpected. COVID-19 highlighted disabling experiences and the gaps in accessibility.

There is only one way forward. That is to introduce accessibility legislation by the end of 2021, and to ensure the Bill swiftly makes its way through the House.

Every hour, day, week and month that goes by without accessibility legislation places more barriers in the way of people with access needs and creates disabling experiences that hinder full participation.

Here are some actions you can take to make sure candidates support the proposed Accessibility for New Zealanders Act:

  • Email or send a letter to your incoming MP asking them to prioritise accessibility legislation in the first 100 days of the new government
  • Visit your MP to explain the urgency of the Act
  • Vocalise your support on social media using the hashtags: #AccessLawNow  #AccessMatters

Implementing accessibility legislation is the most important path to ensuring all of us can participate in and contribute to Aotearoa New Zealand today and in the future, come what may.

We encourage our supporters now to pause, celebrate and then get ready to hold the new government to account!

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