Formally: Helping to Make Accessible, Inclusive Forms the Norm

Almost everyone engages with online forms these days. Whether it’s accessing services, ordering food online, or logging into social media. They’re essential, they’re everywhere, and yet they don’t work for everyone.

Think about the last time a form failed you. Perhaps you submitted a form but it wasn’t successful and gave you a vague and unhelpful error message.

Or maybe you tried to navigate a form with your keyboard, only to find you couldn’t complete all the sections, so you had to give up online and spend double the time completing it over the phone.  

Formally is a new form builder that fixes these problems by putting accessibility first. Formally wants to help more people make forms that work for everyone.   

Why your input is important

Formally is committed to making forms with communities, and want to develop a design practice around the message “nothing about us without us”.  

Designing forms to meet New Zealand Government Web Standards and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1 AAA) is Formally's starting point, but true accessibility and inclusivity comes from involving the people being designed for. 

Formally is looking for as many people as possible to beta test the Formally product so they can make sure it meets everyone's needs.

Formally is a new product, and its creators are serious about fixing things that pop up. Your feedback will help the Formally team improve the product for everyone. 

Familiar with code? Beta test the Software Development Kit (SDK) now

If you’re a developer or know how to code, you can skip the repetitive tasks often associated with building forms by testing the new Formally SDK. 

Test the Formally SDK now by signing up to get early access at

Try out components that are accessible by default, which makes it easier for you to build forms that:

  • are screen reader friendly
  • use labels, hints, fieldset grouping, and error summaries
  • have high contrast colours
  • support dynamic heading levels that fit into your page
  • can be navigated using only a keyboard.

Be notified when Formally's no code builder is released

Not a developer? Formally's no code accessible form builder will be ready to test shortly. Be the first to know when it’s released by registering for early access by visiting

Designing for accessibility and inclusion

Formally is created by Springload Te Pipītanga, an independent digital agency based in Wellington.

Springload build bespoke accessible apps for their clients, but found there were no cost effective and truly accessible form builders on the market. This means that websites built to meet accessibility standards will often fail if they use third party forms. 

Formally bridges this gap by giving everyone the tools to make powerful, accessible forms without the added price tag of a bespoke app. 

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