I Want to Give Back to My Community – Hone’s Story

I belong to a volunteer group that meets twice a week in our local public library. Our meetings are held on the second floor and the public lift has been broken for an extended period of time.

I use a wheelchair and have to find a staff member who has a swipe card to give me access to the staff lift which is at the far end of the building. Renovations to the library mean we are required to move temporarily to the nearby community centre.

The community centre has two disability parks but if they are in use there is no other parking available. All other parking is owned by the surrounding businesses and my car will be towed. The community centre has a ramp but there is a large step at the top I cannot negotiate in my wheelchair.

I will not be able to continue to take part in these meetings while they are held in these temporary premises.


I believe people with disabilities should be able to access society in exactly the same way as able bodied people do. Therefore accessibility legislation would ensure all buildings and events held in them meet accessible building and access codes.


This is my access story, it is one of many. I'm sharing it because I want a law that puts accessibility at the heart of an inclusive Aotearoa New Zealand.

What's your story?

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