Sign the Petition to Create an Inclusive Aotearoa New Zealand


We are closer than you think to achieving the sort of law Aotearoa New Zealand needs to become truly inclusive and accessible for all, but we need your help.

Many of the MPs who spoke at the first reading of the Accessibility for New Zealanders Bill stated that it doesn’t go far enough. They urged people to have their say on how the bill could be strengthened.

Things need to change, and fast. We need to send a loud message in order to avoid yet another committee appointing another committee, and consultants consulting more consultants. We need to act NOW to shape an accessible future for all Kiwis.

Sign the petition today, and add your voice to the call for stronger legislation to accelerate accessibility.

We want the Government to broaden the scope of the Accessibility for New Zealanders Bill to include:

  1. standards

  2. a regulator

  3. a barrier notification system

  4. a disputes resolution process to remove access barriers.

Please take a minute to sign the petition today and join us in making a strong stand for the inclusive and accessible Aotearoa New Zealand we all want and deserve.

Ngā mihi

Head shot of Juliana Carvalho

Juliana Carvalho

Access Matters Aotearoa


P.S. Public submissions are now being called for the Accessibility for New Zealanders Bill. The closing date for submissions is Monday 07 November 2022. We will soon be launching a guide to simplify and empower you to make a submission. Watch this space!