We are a support group for women who are blind or have low vision.

We are one of the consumer organizations that form the Blind Sector Forum.

Each area group [there are 4] provides activities tailored to the needs of local members. These may include:

  • guest speakers,
  • social outings,
  • information sharing that focus on events relevant to the needs of women- such as the Access Matters campaign.

There is still much to be done with accessibility to improve the lives of the vision impaired, even although some City Councils have been making an effort. For example safer pedestrian crossings. 

We plan to actively support the Access Matters campaign by visiting our local Members of Parliament.

Email: [email protected]

VIEW is an acronym for Vision Impaired Empowering Women and is a support group for New Zealand women who are blind or have low vision. Our members are a diverse group of independent and motivated women.