Access Alliance Peoples Choice Awards Logo is two koru shaped designs the make a circle


Accessibility, diversity, and inclusion are the heart of a thriving society, and the heart of thriving businesses, too. 

Welcome to the Inaugural Access Alliance People’s Choice Accessibility Awards for Business -

a place to recognise businesses with the right attitude, going the extra mile to enable everyone to fully participate in society, to have the opportunity to learn, to get a job, to access goods, services, events and facilities, and to take part in community and social life.

These unique awards recognise businesses who are making a difference, providing accessible goods or services for disabled people, seniors, carers of young children, the temporarily injured, migrants and people for whom English is a second language and their friends and family.

Nominations are now closed and voting is open!


You can vote for a nominated businesses using the form below. 

Winners will be decided on the number of votes.

You are allowed one vote per category. Please vote for only one business per category. You do not have to cast a vote in all categories. 

Voting will close Friday 7th February.

Click here for EASY READ instructions on how to vote.

If you have problems voting or questions regarding the voting process you can email, phone or text Taryn Banks

Ddi: +649 355 6869

Mobile: +64 22 0162571

E: [email protected]


The Access Alliance People’s Choice Accessibility Awards for Business will be presented on 21 February 2020 by the Minister for Disability Issues, Hon. Carmel Sepuloni and other dignitaries.

The event will be held at the Sudima Hotel, Auckland Airport, proud sponsor of the Access Alliance People’s Choice Accessibility Awards for Business.

Sudima Hotels logo is their name in black text with the  letter u slightly smaller and shaped like a smile