Ride2Go is a Business Champion for Accessibilty!

Ride2Go-Companion Driving Services joins the growing number of enterprises to become an Access Alliance Business Champion for Accessibility.

The Access Alliance is pleased to welcome Ride2Go-Companion Driving Services to the growing number of businesses who understand the value of being accessible for all customers. In becoming part of our group Ride2Go joins the call for enforceable and effective Accessibility Legislation in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Ride2Go provide one-way, round-trip and multi-stop assisted rides. These services are particularly beneficial to customers with access needs who through Ride2Go, have the freedom to run errands, go shopping, as well as visit friends and loved ones.

“Life is filled with barriers for people with access needs,” said Gaurav Kathuria, the Director Driver of Ride2Go. “Usually, they are at the mercy of a driver from their household depending on their availability.”

Gaurav and his wife Aarti, who is the Director and Shareholder of Ride2Go, started the business to provide an essential service for people with access needs.

“The sole purpose for us in providing a companion driving service is to help people with special needs or any unknown disability or those who are elderly so that they can be independent,” Mr. Kathuria explained.

“Unfortunately, sometimes, things such as transportation are the only limiting factor for people with special needs to live their life and experience the world around them.”

He continued, “They miss out on so many opportunities because they cannot go out of their homes, and that is where we come into the picture.”

Ride2Go enables people with access needs the freedom to make decisions and plan their own schedules. In addition, Ride2Go give passengers their full and undivided attention. This can entail accompanying passengers to do their shopping, provide drop-offs to social gatherings, and talking and listening to passengers during trips. People with access needs will openly share their life experiences particularly with those who are aware and empathise about the barriers they regularly encounter.

Furthermore, Mr Kathuria has secured licences and certificates to safely transport people with access needs. His qualifications include a full New Zealand driver’s licence, P endorsement vetted by the NZ Police, training as a Dementia Friend, and a NZQA qualification to assist and transport passengers with special needs.

“We help people go out wherever they want us to take them and be with them by providing companion services,” said Mr. Kathuria, who also emphasised that Ride2Go services are affordable and available at convenient hours.  

“The prices for our services are very competitive,” said Mr. Kathuria.  “Moreover, we provide services late in the evening and on weekends. We are flexible with our bookings, with no cancellation charges.” 

“We would love to form long-lasting partnerships with organisations who share the same vision, are working towards a similar mission, and hold the same values,” Mr Kathuria stated in closing. “We want people to realize the world will be a  much better place if our friends with special needs or disabilities are given the same opportunities as others in the community.” 

The Access Alliance looks forward to working with Ride2Go-Companion Driving Services to make sure that Aotearoa New Zealand is inclusive and equitable for all, through the introduction of accessibility legislation.

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