Record Your Video Story

  • Please try to keep your videos to 90 seconds max.
  • Focus on one barrier per video.

Sharing your story: Helpful hints

Share a story about a specific access barrier you've faced while trying to adjust to daily life during the COVID-19 lockdowns.

  • What information are you struggling to access?
  • What essentials are you struggling to access?
  • Is the care and support you are receiving meeting your needs?
  • If you are struggling with a barrier during this time, tell us what the ideal, situation would look like, without the barriers.
  • Emphasise how changing the law could help remove the barriers

We want to show politicians and the everyday citizens who haven’t had to think about accessibility yet why we need laws and systems that prioritise accessibility to create a fair and inclusive Aotearoa we all want to live in.

NB: We may slightly edit stories for clarity, in line with the above pointers. We’ll get in touch if we need to check on anything, and we’ll let you know when your story goes live. Thanks for sharing your story!