#AccessDeniedDiaries by Andrew

I was using a computer screen reader to read my email, which included a promotional flyer from the Chemist Warehouse. The graphics in the email were unlabeled, which my screen reader converted into audio as ...

"1/2 Price Off Sports Nutrition Mega Sale - Shop Now!
Link Graphic images/e4b9b61c-0bd8-4c50-9472-45dbd00fad48
Link Graphic images/0f7b5037-7dad-4293-9ea7-0721bd6d8aa6
Link Graphic images/5e360f31-a8a8-4c6b-a547-d93c425aca9a
Link Graphic images/6c31fd90-1dc4-42b9-9c4b-1d96e3f5a360
Link Graphic images/a771c458-eee8-43a3-b680-4de74b5bf374
Link Graphic images/f244b66b-5018-4a0c-a738-8ee10260f755
Link Graphic images/6bef1bff-9915-461a-b849-d7ab30d62301 ..."

Unfortunately this sort of unintelligible email from New Zealand companies is very common.

I was unable to benefit from the specials advertised; unable to save money on everyday essentials that others can so easily access. This is important to me, as the blind community has a very high unemployment rate, as well as lower than average salaries. So saving a few dollars here and there all adds up for us.

Changing the law to make websites accessible should also include making all correspondence, emails and social media related to the website accessible as well.



This is a story about the barriers many face. We're sharing it because we want a law that puts accessibility at the heart of an inclusive Aotearoa New Zealand.

What's your story?

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