Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2022 #AccessDeniedDiaries Competition (closed)

19 May 2022 is the 11th Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD). The purpose of GAAD is to get everyone talking, thinking and learning about digital access and inclusion.

To mark GAAD 2022 we are asking you to report the access barriers you experience in different areas of life, starting with the digital space, and now focusing on the built environment and transport. The Access Matters Campaign is calling for access barrier ‘incident reports’ - for example, if you have been unable to enter a building, safely cross the road, take your guide dog on public transport, or access mobility car parking - to add to our collection of #AccessDeniedDiaries.

There is a lack of public awareness in Aotearoa New Zealand about the numerous access barriers so many Kiwis experience as we go about our daily lives. This needs to change!

We are collecting a body of #AccessDeniedDiaries evidence to present to Members of Parliament. These ‘incident reports’ will demonstrate the types of barriers experienced in our country and why we need an access barrier notification system as part of effective accessibility legislation. We will also share these #AccessDeniedDiaries experiences on the Access Matters website and social media, so that all Kiwis understand why #AccessMattersNZ!

The #AccessDeniedDiaries post that received the most social media comments, likes and shares won a prizes, kindly donated by the Cookie Time Charitable Trust.

The winners were:

Cookie Time monster with cookie prizes in a rainbow love heart

The competition has now closed, but you can still submit your 'incident report' at and you can read all the #AccessDeniedDiaries published to date at

What are the access barriers in the built environment and with transportation that you experience, and how should we fix them? Write your barriers down, take a photo or video, or tell us about them in an audio or video recording. Use the online form at to add your ‘incident report’ to the #AccessDeniedDiaries collection on the Access Matters website.

If you require any assistance in sharing your story, please email [email protected] or phone/text 0220162571. NZSL video is welcome.

Let’s show Aotearoa New Zealand why Access Matters for all!


The 'Accessibility for New Zealanders Bill' has been introduced to Parliament! Submit your #AccessDeniedDiaries ‘incident report’ today to ensure we get this legislation right!


This is a story about the barriers many face. We're sharing it because we want a law that puts accessibility at the heart of an inclusive Aotearoa New Zealand.

What's your story?

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