#AccessDeniedDiaries by Dee

I need monthly therapy treatments to prevent further disability.

Every month I have to arrange transport to a Medlab facility, and also arrange for my advocate to accompany me to my hospital appointments.

Every month there are new Medlab staff, who are unfamiliar with my needs, and who have to access my veins so that treatment can commence.

After several years of this therapy, my veins have had enough. The worst case was when a duty doctor had to gain access to my veins and used the ultrasound machine to find the right spot. And then the vein collapsed!

With the new access laws in place I hope there will be a provision for evidence-based best-practice availability, as overseas I would be able to have this treatment delivered subcutaneously at home.

Currently, I need to have blood tests a day before treatment. Treatment can only be delivered at a main hospital through an oncology day ward. I require a full time advocate, and driver to accompany me to appointments. Six hours at the hospital, versus one hour at home. Which would you choose?




This is a story about the barriers many face. We're sharing it because we want a law that puts accessibility at the heart of an inclusive Aotearoa New Zealand.

What's your story?

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