Buildings: Public, Commercial and Housing

New Zealand: New Zealand Building Code

New Zealand: Access Standard NZS 4121:2001

Australia: Disability (Access to Premises — Buildings) Standards 2010

Canada: CAN-ASC-2.1 Outdoor Spaces (Under Development)

Canada: CAN-ASC-2.3 Model Standard for the Built Environment - Accessibility for federally regulated entities as defined in the Accessible Canada Act (Under Development)

Canada: CAN-ASC-2.5 Acoustics in the Built Environment (Under Development)

Canada: CSA/ASC B651:23 Accessible design for the built environment

Canada: CSA/ASC B652:23 Accessible dwellings

Canada: CSA S7:23 Pedestrian, cycling, and multiuse bridge design guideline

British Columbia: Building Accessibility Handbook 2020

Ontario: Integrated Accessibility Standards Part IV.1 Design of Public Spaces Standards (Accessibility Standards for the Built Environment)

Ottawa: Accessibility Design Standard Second Edition 2015

Ottawa: Technical Bulletin ISTB-2020-03: Revisions to City of Ottawa Accessibility Design Standards, Second Edition dated November 2015

Ottawa: Protected Intersection Design Guide 2021

Toronto: Accessibility Design Guidelines

Toronto: Tactile Walking Surface Indicators

Singapore: Code on Accessibility in the Built Environment 2019

The United States of America Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guide

The United States of America Americans with Disabilities Act Title II Regulations

The United States of America Americans with Disabilities Act Title III Regulations

The United States of America Architectural Barriers Act Accessibility Standards

GAATES The Illustrated Technical Guide to the Accessibility Standard for the Design of Public Spaces

International Standard ISO 2603:2016 Simultaneous interpreting — Permanent booths — Requirements

International Standard ISO 4043:2016 Simultaneous interpreting — Mobile booths — Requirements

International Standard ISO/FDIS 17651-1 Simultaneous interpreting — Interpreters’ working environment — Part 1: Requirements and recommendations for permanent booths

International Standard ISO 21542:2021 Building construction — Accessibility and usability of the built environment

International Standard ISO/DIS 5727 Accessibility and usability of the built environment — Accessibility of immovable cultural heritage — Principles and methodology for interventions

International Standard ISO 15928-7:2021 Houses — Description of performance — Part 7: Accessibility and usability

International Standard ISO 20109:2016 Simultaneous interpreting — Equipment — Requirements

International Standard ISO/DIS 20109 Simultaneous interpreting — Equipment — Requirements (Under Development)

International Standard ISO 23456-1:2021 Dynamic signs in physical environments — Part 1: General requirements

International Standard ISO/AWI 8100-7 Lifts for the transport of persons and goods — Part 7: Accessibility to lifts for persons including persons with disability (Under Development)

International Standard ISO 8100-32:2020 Lifts for the transportation of persons and goods — Part 32: Planning and selection of passenger lifts to be installed in office, hotel and residential buildings

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