Kōrero for Change on Education

As we prepare for our next kōrero in the series, focused on Education, we recognize the critical role inclusive education plays in creating equitable opportunities and outcomes for disabled learners. Education is pivotal in ensuring equitable access to employment opportunities, improving social outcomes, and enhancing quality of life. However, the educational system has a long-standing history of falling short in several areas—funding, teacher training, and equitable access to infrastructure and resources—which often leaves disabled learners marginalized. For disabled learners, inclusive education means access to a learning environment that accommodates their needs, celebrates diversity, and promotes the participation of all students. This approach not only benefits disabled learners but enriches the educational experience for all students, fostering an environment of empathy, respect, and understanding.

Join us in this crucial kōrero as we explore the ways we can make inclusive education a reality for all.

Date: Wednesday, 14th August 2024

Time: 9am to 12pm

Where: via Zoom

Attending: Anyone with the desire to see improved access and inclusion for all of Aotearoa New Zealand's population.

Programme: TBA

Contact: Kimberly Graham via [email protected]