A Guide to Post-election meeting with MPs

Meeting with your local MP is one of the most effective ways to help them understand why access matters, and to persuade them to take action for accessibility legislation.

The early days after an election are key to helping MPs understand what matters to people in their electorate, so the sooner you can organise a meeting with an MP about Access Matters, the better.

We have developed a guide for meeting with your MP, including a checklist to help you prepare. You can also download the Briefing Note to be left with MPs and a draft media release template should you decide to notify local media about your meeting. The checklist will advise you on using both of these and more.

Briefing Resources

Click here to download Access Matters Briefing Paper to leave with your MP

Click here to download our media release template

Click here to download our full "Guide to Meeting MP's" with checklist

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